Know Where You Row

Respecting water, history and people.

Know Where You Row (KWYR) is a campaign across the US & Canada. The spaces and places where we row have been and continue to be the lands of the native peoples who, for centuries, have stewarded them. 

KWYR encourages rowing clubs to connect with the history of the waterways and land that they use through research and collaboration. We also recognize those clubs that have started doing the work of acknowledgement and reparations, sharing resources to help others do the same. 

KWYR understands we all may be at different points on the journey of connecting to our histories, having varying perspectives and resources at hand. Still, we are all on native lands and there is an opportunity for understanding, celebration and even reparation.

What can you do?

What can rowing clubs do?

Resources & Inspiration


Tara Morgan first started thinking about water and land names during a race at Lake Stevens in Washington. The lake is named for Washington's first governor who had a violent and racist record. Tara is the founder of Seize the Oar Foundation and co-host of the Steady State Podcast. Tara began rowing in 1986 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and has lived in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 30 years.

Julia Gonzalez-Wolf is a 2023 graduate of Pacific Lutheran University where she was a member of the Women's Rowing program. Julia is from Bonney Lake, WA and majored in Marketing. 

Dave Harvey is the founder of Tacoma Rowing, whose mission is empowering youth and building community through rowing. Dave is a former high school and collegiate coach. Dave learned to row on Lake Quinsigamond on Agawam and Nipmuck lands while attending Saint John's High School in Massachusetts.