We are creating a welcoming, inclusive, positive and supportive culture of excellence.

It will take many committed participants and several years to achieve this.

Together we can. Together we will.

We are committed to creating an atmosphere of inclusion and removing the barriers that have historically made the sport of rowing exclusive.

We believe that the long-term development of our youth, mentally, physically and emotionally, will unlock their inherent potential.

Our programs will adapt and evolve over time as we grow and the needs of our community change.

We will create partnerships and strengthen bonds within our community.

We will support local businesses.

There is strength in diversity.

There is strength in community.

This is our model. Support and learning flows in all directions at all times.

Our programming will include opportunities to learn, to establish connections, to strengthen community.

We believe in the inherent teaching power of our sport. Rowing has changed many lives, including our own. However, it has never approached its true potential to positively impact our society due to limited access. We want to change that.

Rowing may not be for everyone, but everyone who wants to row should be able to. Our sport and our society will be better for it.

Our Timeline:

2021: Community outreach events and free rowing lessons to increase awareness and build relationships

2022- Spring: Launch program for middle school students (2-3 training sessions per week)

2022- Summer: Camps for middle and high school students; adult learn-to-row classes

2022- Fall: Launch program for high school students (5-6 training sessions per week)

Beyond 2022, we plan to create programs for adaptive rowing, veteran groups and adults.

As we grow, will always devote time and energy to community outreach and engagement. This is a critical component of our mission. Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on events.