Boat names are important in rowing. As we strive to create a true community program, we are committed to naming boats in line with our mission and values. 

We are purposeful in recognizing:

We want our athletes, volunteers and the broader community to: 

Our Current Fleet

Quincy & Whitni Henry

We are proud to recognize all that Quincy & Whitni Henry of Campfire Coffee do for the Tacoma community. Not only do they provide great coffee in a welcoming atmosphere, Campfire has a gear library for people to borrow outdoor equipment. They also assist youth-focused outdoor groups with fundraising efforts. This shell will be the flagship racing boat of our fleet for many years to come. Thank you to Wintech Racing for donating a carbon fiber, 8-person shell as part of their support for STEM to Stern Rowing. (Boat type: 8+)

Mayor Victoria Woodards 

Mayor Victoria Woodards is a Tacoma native and a veteran of the United States Army. As mayor, she has worked to more fully engage the City’s youth in community decisions that impact them every day. Mayor Woodards has demonstrated her commitment to identify and advance positive outcomes for community members in need, including immigrant and refugee communities. She is also a past president of the Tacoma Urban League. (Boat type: 8+)

Ashley L. Pryor

Ashley L. Pryor, MA is the CEO/Founder of Relentless Rowing Academy in Columbus, Ohio. The mission of the academy is to provide access to rowing for BIPOC athletes of all ages while breaking educational and financial barriers. Life skills workshops are specifically tailored to the athletes needs each year. Ashley is also the CEO of Relentless Fit Factory, LLC and is  involved with the Black Rowers & Coaches Association. Ashley began rowing as a novice walk-on at Ohio State University. She later earned a spot on the varsity team and won a Big10 Conference Championship. Ashley later become the Director of Operations for the program. Our favorite quote from Ashley: "There is so much magic on that water." Read more about Ashley in this article. (Boat type: 8+)

Arshay Cooper

  Arshay is a rower, author of the “A Most Beautiful Thing,” His book was also adapted into a documentary of the same name which is available to stream on Amazon Prime and Peacock. Arshay is a motivational speaker and activist. He previously worked at Row New York and currently works with the George Pocock Foundation and A Most Beautiful Thing Inclusion Fund to bring rowing to under-resourced communities. In 2017, Arshay received USRowing's Anita DeFrantz Award, which is given for advancing diversity in rowing. Our favorite quote from Arshay: "Talent is everywhere, access and opportunities are not." Find out more about Arshay and his work on his website and on Instagram. (Boat type: 1x)

Patrick Johnson, US Navy 

Patrick Johnson is a US Navy veteran with 20 years of experience coaching high school, college and adaptive athletes. He is an outspoken advocate for youth, LGBTQ+, BIPOC and veterans. Patrick is the National Rowing Program Director and Metro DC Sports Director of Athletes Without Limits. Patrick is also the Managing Coach for the Community Program at DC Strokes, one of very few dedicated, independent LGBTQ+ rowing clubs in the world. He is the Adaptive Reconditioning & Sports Coordinator for the Military Adaptive Sports Program at the Defense Health Agency. In 2019 Patrick received USRowing’s Isabel Bohn Award, which is given for expanding rowing opportunities for those with physical and intellectual disabilities. (Boat type: 4+)


Ubuntu is a Zulu word meaning "I am, because of you." It is part of the  Zulu phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu",  and has many interpretations. It has been cited by inspirational leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. We chose Ubuntu because we believe that we can only grow and progress through the growth and progression of others. More information in available in this article. (Boat type: 2x/-)


This boat name was selected by Marcella Tomlin, a local artist, leader, educator and entrepreneur. Marcella was one of the first participants in our Free Monday Rows for BIPoC entrepreneurs. To see her social justice apparel, follow her on Instagram @habitapparelbytllc  (Boat type: 1x)


Ohana is a Hawaiian word meaning family. In its current usage, ohana refers to both blood relatives and chosen family. We chose Ohana because we this program is a family. (Boat type: 2x/-)


Saoirse is an Irish word meaning freedom. We chose saoirse because we believe in and actively support freedom for all people in Tacoma and around the world. (Boat type: 2x/-)

Good Trouble 

This boat is named in honor of Rep. John Lewis (1940-2020), who was inspired by Rosa Parks and dedicated his life to racial justice and equality. Lewis frequently spoke of the importance of getting in "good trouble, necessary trouble." As we strive work towards or mission of empowering youth and building community we firmly believe that "if you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, do something. We cannot afford to be quiet.”  (Boat type: 2x/-)


Sangha is a Sanskrit word. According to author Jay Shetty, "as the Sanskrit word for community, sangha suggests a refuge where people serve and inspire each other." We chose sangha because we are committed to serving and uplifting each other in our pursuits on and off the water. (Boat type: 1x)


Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind." It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.  We believe that by practicing shoshin, we will be better rowers, coaches, volunteers and citizens.  (Boat type: 1x)

The Good Neighbor

This boat was inspired by the kindness of a neighbor as we began to build Tacoma Rowing from the ground up. It is a daily testament to the power of kindness, generosity and caring for our community. This old Maas 1x is a very wide boat suitable for those just starting to row small boats.  (Boat type: 1x)

Explanation of boat types:

8+ has 8 rowers plus 1 coxswain

4+ has 4 rowers plus 1 coxswain

2x/- has 2 rowers, 0 coxswains. Boat can be configured so that rowers have one oar each (sweep rowing) or two oars each (sculling).

1x has 1 rower with two oars (sculling).