Contributions small and large will help us serve more youth. Donations are tax deductible and we will provide name recognition in publications and on equipment when possible. We are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters. As of July 2021:

  • We have received over $32,000 of donated equipment

  • Volunteer have contributed over 250 hours

We accept both monetary contributions and items from our wish list.

How monetary contributions are used:

  • $10 Supplies for a STEM education activity

  • $100 Uniform and training gear for an athlete for one year

  • $250 Transportation for a regatta or educational field trip

  • $500 Provide a full scholarship for one athlete for one year

  • $1,000 New oars or other equipment

  • $10,000 A used shell trailer to transport equipment to and from races

Our current wish list is below. Please contact us to work out the details. We look forward to speaking with you.


As a startup program, all of our shells are used. We would love to announce a new boat and upgrade the equipment our athletes use each day. Please contact us to discuss current needs and costs.

Cost: New 1xs start at $6,000 and 8+s start at $40,000.

New Safety Launch

Safety launches are critical in rowing. Help us upgrade from our current launch to a wakeless one with higher capacity to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our on-water programming.

Cost: $13,000

Outboard Motor

Our current engine is regularly maintained, but has high mileage. A reliable engine is critical for athlete safety.

Cost: Starting at $3,000

Rowing Machines

Rowing mahcines, or ergs, are the primary land training device in rowing. The machines are well-built and incredibly durable. Your gift of the cost of a machine will serve youth participants for 15+ years.

Cost: $1,000

Cox Boxes

Cox boxes are critical communication devices and also provide useful, real-time performance data during training.

Cost: $599

Inflatable PFDs

We are commited to the safety of our athletes. PFDs are worn by athletes who are not yet proficient in swimming and also carried in the coach's safety launch.

Cost: $100